Men’s Spa Trendings

image courtesy of google

image courtesy of google

A growing number of men are flocking to spas in today’s modern culture.  They accompany their wives or girlfriends, male partners, or on their own and there’s nothing girly about it.  Men now make up nearly a third of all spa-goers, according to the International Spa Association, and they’re not just signing up for massages and manicures. We’re talking about full on facials, body treatments, and vichy showers too.

Modern day spas have learned how to create a gender-neutral atmosphere where both men and women feel comfortable, with services named gentleman’s treatments, working man’s body relax, etc.  Spas have gone so mainstream culturally that it is no longer a place for women.  Interested in such treatments?  Look up men-only spas, like Nickel Spa For Men in NYC , The Grooming Lounge in Washington, D.C.,and The Absolute Spa at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver to name a few.


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