Grooming for the Manliness Sakes

grooming-largeGrooming habits and what is considered “good grooming” have varied greatly over time. Around 10,000 B.C., scented oils were a popular method of cleaning and softening skin and masking body odor. In ancient Egypt, kohl and red ochre featured prominently in the grooming arsenal of most men, and a variety of creams played a part in men’s skin care. Tribes around the world frequently used makeup in the form of dyes and paints for medicinal and cosmetic purposes–preparing for battle as part of the cosmetic rituals.

In ancient times, ultra-pale, powdered skin was the dernier cri in men’s grooming. The repressive conditions of the Victorian period led to a decline in the importance of men’s grooming. During the 20th century, the popularity of men’s grooming waxed and waned, but there’s no doubt today that male grooming has made a strong comeback with the market for men’s grooming products experiencing explosive growth and huge profits.

The modern man has many types of looks from rugged to rich. There’s all sorts of products on the market such as shaving creams, aftershaves, moisturizers, cleansers and so on. We can’t give you an in-depth daily regimen because every skin type is created different. We do recommend though that you keep yourself well groomed. Future articles will cover this topic in detail!!!


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