Lotions for Men

Are you part of the male society that has a hard time keeping your skin hydrated? We often find it a touchy subject when searching for lotions, and I don’t mean aftershaves or some sort of cream for–you know what purposes… Believe it or not, lotions are rarely, if ever–marketed to the male population. There are a few brands that do cater to the male population and we’ll take a look at 3 of our favorite lotions.

We’ve tried many types of lotions on the market, but our favorites are divided among these three brands: fenix Cosmetics Hydrating Lotion – White Tea, Anthony Logistics Glycerin Hand Lotion and Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer.

hydrating_lotion_white_teaThis amazing hydrating lotion has a unisex scent made up of ingredients such as white tea, neroli, jasmine, citrus and bergamont. If you have severe dry skin, this is by far the best lotion for keeping your skin hydrated. Enriched with special blends of botanicals quickly protects, nourishes, and moisturizes the skin.

logistics_-_glycerin_hand_and_body_lotion_-_12_ozAnthony Logistics develops this lotion with mixed sea kelp to strengthen skin, shea butter to soften, aloe vera and glycerin to moisturize, chamomile to smooth and a nourishing bunch of vitamins – A, B5, C, and E.

Jack-Black-Lotion-Tall-400A lotion that moisturizes and conditions the skin. It dries to a velvety-smooth finish, leaving minimal residue on hands. Eucalyptus and vitamins A and E penetrate to help heal and soothe dry, chapped, cracked hands.

Nut oils, dairy, and mild alcohols are all good ingredients for hand creams and lotions. Vitamins A & E can help keep the skin feeling softer as well, but you’re really looking for some good sources of fatty oils to keep the dryness off.  These are some of the ingredients you should keep an eye on when in search of trying to stay hydrated for your skin.


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