Wedding Attire Part 1: Does this suit make me look fat?


What the hell do I wear to a wedding??  That’s a question a lot of guys ask themselves when invited to a wedding.  Many think ahh fuck it ill just wear this old ass suit I had from god knows when.  Some go to this default mode of thinking because of many things; lack of money to buy a new suit, lack of desire to buy a new suit, and the general belief that its fine just to wear this old suit.  All of those are valid reasons, and if the suit still fits and still looks good by all means wear it.  Of course you have to remember its an old suit and if it really is that old you probably haven’t taken good care of it and its probably showing signs of wear and tear or just general aging. Especially, if that’s the only suit you own.

There are several factors to consider to dress for a wedding.  The first one I will cover is if the suit still fits.  Now we all gain and lose weight or grow taller at our own rate.  You sure as hell don’t want to put on the suit the day of the day of the wedding and find that the goddamn trousers only extend to your ankles.  You sure as all bloody fuck don’t want to realize that you can’t even get the goddamn trousers on because you’ve gained some weight.  Maybe even more importantly you don’t want to wear the jacket the same day as the wedding only to find that some how its “shrunk” we all remember Chris Farley’s fat guy in a little suit routine and you definitely don’t want that to be you.  So do yourself and everyone else a favor and try on your old ass suit about 2 weeks prior to the wedding to see if it still fits as well as you think.  If it doesn’t well those 2 weeks are more than enough time to jet to a local suit and fine clothing retailer to get you something fly.  Remember when buying a new suit unless you have a normal place you usually go to try to shop around and try on different colors and patterns.  For the big dudes out there be careful of this some suits especially the double breasted ones will make us look even wider, which depending on your own state of mind and personal opinion of your self is either a plus or a minus.  Slim and average build guys don’t need to worry about this fact, you fuckers.  So in conclusion remember Man makes the clothes look good not the other way around and always remember to stay fly.

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    • Elena, problema e, ca barbatii (deja nu baieti), in majoritatea lor, doresc sotie de tipul, pe care l-a catalogat Andrei, concomitent, nu au nimic impotriva, ba chiar doresc foarte mult ca sa se &#e&x0;r8la2eze2#8221; cu un alt gen. Stii, este o gluma, destul de vulgara, dar care se potriveste de minune la acest articol “Toate femeile sunt curve, in afara de mama mea”.

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  2. An old poem states about the color of a wedding dress that "Married in white, you will have chosen all right." This is not to say that all brides historically have chosen white for their wedding gown. In fact, many brides chose colors including blue, pearl and even black. Many brides believed that if they wore blue their husbands would remain true to them (also a famous line in the wedding poem). Pink was even a popular wedding gown color for a time, though its darker variant, red was often considered taboo because it was associated with "scarlet women"

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