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Star Trek: Into Darkness, A Glimpse of Alice Eve

Wondering who that blonde bombshell is in the Sequel to Star Trek: Into Darkness? Alice Eve stuns us where no one man has...

Lotions for Men

Are you part of the male society that has a hard time keeping your skin hydrated? We often find it a touchy subject when...

Mad Men Theme With a Twist!

Just saw this and had to share. Simply amazing and well done, especially the video was done in one take with no cuts. We...

Grooming for the Manliness Sakes

Grooming habits and what is considered "good grooming" have varied greatly over time. Around 10,000 B.C., scented oils were a popular method of cleaning...

Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs Pin Up!

My god we've been on hiatus for what seems like an eternity... I bring to you Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs in a...

Men’s Spa Trendings

A growing number of men are flocking to spas in today's modern culture.  They accompany their wives or girlfriends, male partners, or on their...

The Burpee Mansome Exercise (Video)

This is intense ish! But we recommend you add it to your workout routine.
Ken Blcok - Gymkhana Five

Gymkhana Five – Speed Demons In Us (Video)

Ken Block tears apart the streets of San Francisco in one of the coolest rally drifts. Featuring a modified Ford Fiesta with 650 hp....

Olivia Culpo – Miss USA 2012 (14 Photos)

If you were actually watching the Miss USA 2012 pageant last night, you probably would never guess there was such beauty from Rhode Island....

15 Randomly Awesome and Funny Stuff

It's Friday! People are out to do awesome and fun things. Here's 15 things to inspire your humanistic instincts.


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The Scent of a Man

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