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Spring Styles Guide from Mademen (Video)

Mens Spring Guide 2012 - Watch More Funny Videos Some more Spring Style Guides for us men with no fashionable clue or sense. We...

10 Suit Styles To Try, Style Saturday

We approve of these 10 looks. Try it out for yourself and tell us if the ladies comment and/or approve!

It’s Friday, Fashionably Senseless (15 Photos)

Friday's we go out and party. Sometimes you wonder if people had too much to drink the night before or just woke up...

10 Tips for Wearing Shiny Suits

Follow these tips and guidelines to outshine the crowd: 1.) The best color for shiny suits are black and navy blue. With Black shiny suits,...

Hello, New York – The Badoo Project (Video)

Badoo had 1,000 New Yorkers photographed in a span of three days, featuring four fashion photogs (Dan Martensen, Kenneth Cappello, Danielle Levitt, and Brooke...

Amazing Fashion Photography Inside and Out, Part 2 (19 Photos)

Here's a second round of yesterdays amazing fashion photography series. If anyone knows who took these please let me know!

Amazing Fashion Photography Inside and Out (9 Photos)

I stumbled upon these photos and have thought it was one of the more amazing design photography I've seen in a while. We...

Tie Colors for Spring 2012

Looking to pick up some new ties so you can look fly and stylish for Spring? We've been doing some research around the...

Style Saturday – Spring/Summer Wear (10 Photos)

It's Saturday and where bound to go out and about today. Whether your style is casual or classy it doesn't really matter. ...

Moccasins – Spring/Summer Sockless Shoes

Have you been thinking of other alternatives besides wearing sandals with your shorts for spring/summer? Well the best fashionable sense is to grab...

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