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The Burpee Mansome Exercise (Video)

This is intense ish! But we recommend you add it to your workout routine.

Dumbbell Shoveling – Fat Blasting Exercises (Video)

Dumbbell Shoveling This next move will firebomb fat and set your muscles on fire. “Dumbbell shoveling is a dynamic exercise the targets your fast-twitch muscle...

Dumbbell Skier Swings – Fat Blasting Exercise (Video)

Dumbbell Skier Swings Now you can shred your body like a skier shreds the slopes. Gaddour took the typical form a downhill skier uses when flying...

Dumbbell Hot-Potato Squat Fat-Burning Exercises

I've tried this and man does this get your heart pumping alright. Give it a go and try something new!

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