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Kate Upton Does Mercedes for Super Bowl

Think this Super Bowl ad is too sexist or racy?  Well we sure don't think it's dirty at all...  Given Kate's past ads such...

Kate Upton Fashions Up Bazaar (10 Photos)

Being that we here at MTR are fashion attuned and what better way then to use Kate Upton as another excuse to browse through...

Happy Easter from Kate Upton (Video)

This slightly NSFW video from LOVE and Kate Upton, dressing up as Peter Cottontail, has got to be the best egg-making video ever created....

Kate Upton Carl’s Jr. Commercial is Carnivorous!

My jaws and mouth melted away when I saw this commercial ad for Carl's Jr. and Hardee's new Southwest Patty Melt. Recent Sport's Illustrated...

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