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Madmen Style – Season 5

If you haven't already noticed--we are fans of MadMen. Not only that, but there are finely dressed gentlemen in classy suits throughout the...

Pocket Squares a Necessity?

What's up everyone Flyguy here again, and the topic for today is the Pocket Square.  That's that little square of fabric that sometimes come...

Wedding Attire Part 3: Really, Your Gonna Wear That?

Whats up my dear readers?  Flyguy here again this is the third part of my multi part blog on wedding attire.  This post is...

Wedding Attire Part 2: Ceremony and Reception

Whats up readers?  FlyGuy here again to present to you the second part of my multi-part blog on proper wedding attire.  This posts topic...

Wedding Attire Part 1: Does this suit make me look fat?

What the hell do I wear to a wedding??  That's a question a lot of guys ask themselves when invited to a wedding.  Many...

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