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Mad Men Theme With a Twist!

Just saw this and had to share. Simply amazing and well done, especially the video was done in one take with no cuts. We...

How to Properly Tie a Bow Tie (Video)

If you've ever tried to tie a bow tie, you'll know it's about the most difficult thing on this earth to do. I...

Monday Morning Office Fun (Video)

We've all had that feeling of relief when there's a bunch of mail that needs to go out and things finally get done!!!

Spring Styles Guide from Mademen (Video)

Mens Spring Guide 2012 - Watch More Funny Videos Some more Spring Style Guides for us men with no fashionable clue or sense. We...

Hula Hoop Girl (Video)

This hypnotized us for a good portion of the morning, and I think you'll enjoy it also.

Happy Easter from Kate Upton (Video)

This slightly NSFW video from LOVE and Kate Upton, dressing up as Peter Cottontail, has got to be the best egg-making video ever created....

Amazing Light-Up TRON Dance Routine

Amazing Light-Up TRON Dance Routine - Watch More Funny Videos It's Friday and we like to do amazing things after work. This is...

Hello, New York – The Badoo Project (Video)

Badoo had 1,000 New Yorkers photographed in a span of three days, featuring four fashion photogs (Dan Martensen, Kenneth Cappello, Danielle Levitt, and Brooke...

Bar Refaeli Reveals Underwear Line (Video)

THANK YOU BAR REFAELI! For making playing sports in your underwear the most amazing thing that has bumped our brains and world. ...

Dumbbell Shoveling – Fat Blasting Exercises (Video)

Dumbbell Shoveling This next move will firebomb fat and set your muscles on fire. “Dumbbell shoveling is a dynamic exercise the targets your fast-twitch muscle...

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