Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Whether we've involved in or part of a cubicle prank, we all know it's the thing to do when coworkers go on vacation. Here's 25 photos of cubicle pranks that we hope will make your day humorously entertaining....
We've all had that feeling of relief when there's a bunch of mail that needs to go out and things finally get done!!!
Via Kay & Peele at Comedycentral
We know somedays, people have off-days. But sometimes we also wonder WTF were you thinking on Friday?!?! Whether you think it's cute, funny, sexy, or super cool--some people will think otherwise.
It's Friday! People are out to do awesome and fun things. Here's 15 things to inspire your humanistic instincts.
There's a damn reason dogs are man's best friend. They'll do anything, like fetch you a beer, or at least we like to think this video is really real... *SHRUG* Judge for yourself.
Seven mind blowing realizations that I never realized before. Trust me on this, when I say it's mind blowing!...
WOAH! Looks like Game Of Thrones Season 1 is free on iTunes! Make sure you go and download your copy IMMEDIATELY! Looks like it's only for today! Hurry and grab it while you can, because this is...