Madmen Season 4 Begins!


Since last night was the premiere for Madmen Season 4, I thought it would be fitting to write up a bit about the Ad Men and their dress style for the show.  I went onto the Madmen site and saw that most of their wardrobe consists of Banana Republic gear!  There’s even a contest to post up a photo of yourself in the latest Madmen style dress up and you could potentially win a walk-on role on the show.  (Contest can be found at

Coming from an Ad Men background myself, I have to say Season 4’s tie style is pretty amazing so far.  So for season 4 of Madmen, the tie styles seem to be striped, plaid, and pinstripe varieties.  Color choice and forecast seems to be blue and purple.  Being the tie connoisseur that I am–I am going to have to go with the striped skinny style of ties that Don Draper seems to choose wisely every episode.  Definitely for the tall Ad Men!  Be sure to catch Madmen Season 4 every Sunday 10/9c on AMC.  We don’t get paid to advertise…  I’m just a fan of the show!!!

Photo courtesy of Madmen AMCTV



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