Are Pocket Squares a Necessity?


What’s up everyone Flyguy here again, and the topic for today is the Pocket Square.  That’s that little square of fabric that sometimes come with ties and sometimes sold separately.  The pocket square in my opinion is a very necessary suit accessory.  Though, it is not necessary to always have on when wearing a suit it is a good idea to at least have a couple at home to match with your various ties.  The color or pattern of the pocket square should generally match or be the same as your tie as they often come in a set.  There are many ways to fold a pocket square.  Some of the more basic are the One Point, Two Point, Three and Four Point pocket square folds.  The three and four points are a little bit harder than the previous two.  The flat pocket square fold is very simple and always in style.  There are also some very difficult pocket square styles such as the Dunaway Pocket square and the Four mountains fold.

The way you fold or don’t fold a pocket square is entirely up to the individual as this is something that one can customize to their own sense of style.  Typically I use the Puff pocket fold or the four point crown fold.  Again pocket squares are not a necessity but I find that they are a nice touch and most men with a sense of style will often use them.  Pocket squares like ties come in a silk or polyester blends.  If you can afford it definitely go with the silk.  As always readers stay coordinated and stay fly.


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