How to Wear a Bow Tie


The bow tie, some regard it as a classic piece of fashionable attire others find it to be a symbol of something they oppose.  To most of us it is just a simple piece of clothing.  The bow tie oddly enough began its history back around the 17th century during the Prussian wars.  It seems Croation soldiers wore scarfs around their collars to keep them closed and this trend was soon adopted by the French and became a fashion trend called the cravat.  It is actually unknown if the cravat became the bow tie, but its an interesting piece of clothing history.

The bow tie nevertheless is currently associated with political analysts, like Tucker Carlson, comedians, like Charlie Chaplin and Groucho Marx, Football Player and Travel Channel show host Dhani Jones, super spy extraordinaire James Bond, and of course the Nation of Islam.  The bow tie it seems is a very iconic piece of clothing.  Where as the tie is a regularly accepted piece of clothing the bow tie seems to incite emotion and opinion.  Strange how this little piece of neck war can conjure up so many different things in our minds.  Bow ties for the most part people seem to associate with the stuffy, dull, right wing conservative type of man.  Of course this is not true at all.  The bow tie when worn by the right person of course is extremely fashionable and outspoken.

Bow ties like their cousin the tie, come in all types of different colors and patterns.  Not only that they also come in the pre-tied clip on type the same way that ties do.  Bow ties are usually what they mean when a party or gathering is titled as a black tie affair or party.  For the guys that usually means Tuxedos and Bow ties.  Bow ties can be worn by anyone but, not anyone can war a bow tie.  It takes a certain type of flair and style to pull off a bow tie without becoming stereo typed.  If you think you have that type of flair and what it takes go ahead and rock that bow tie.  Remember to stay coordinated and to stay fly.


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