The Use of Cuff Links?


The predecessor of the modern shirt started to appear around the 16th century.  At the ends of the sleeves there were small holes in which the wearer could use cuff strings to lash them together.  This style remained popular for around 200-300 years and during the reign of Louis XIV of France, those who could afford it began to wear buttons connected with a chain through their shirt sleeves, and that is the direct predecessor of the modern day cuff link.  Typically cuff links are made for shirts which have button holes on both sides of the sleeves with no buttons of course.  The shirt sleeves will either be of double length ( French-cuff) or single length.  Now, the sleeves are either worn in a kissing style in which the insides of both are pressed together and then the cuff link is inserted.  There is also the barrel style in which the one part is folded over the other in a barrel style.  Of course this barrel style is usually the less preferred of the two as it seems the kissing style for at least this day and age is the preferred method when wearing cuff links.

Cuff links as we all know come in a virtual plethora of shapes, sizes, and colors.  The price of cuff links range anywhere from a dollar to around 25k or more (Those are the Cartier platinum ones).  Cuff links also make an elegant and unique gift especially when monogrammed with the receivers initials.  Cuff links in essence are a form of decoration or male jewelry.  Celebrities such as P.Diddy might wear some very ostentatious cuff links as a show of wealth and fortune.  Cuff links of course do not have to be jewel encrusted or even made out of expensive material.  Some cuff links may be family heirlooms, and these maybe as simple as Homer Simpson’s pig cuff links from the Lisa’s Wedding episode.

Every man should own at least a pair or two of different cuff links.  They add the touch of flare to a nice suit or add that little bit of shine to your outfit.  Often someone will match their cuff links to their tie bar or watch or maybe even all three.  Remember to stay coordinated and to stay fly.


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