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Ever wondered why you’ve been going to interviews lately and not landing that oh so successful position that you know your skilled and able to excel at? Maybe it was your resume or the way you presented yourself. Ever thought of the idea maybe it was how you dressed? Wearing the wrong colored under shirt. Maybe your tie color or pattern was a bit off from THEIR corporate culture? Just a food for thought.

Here’s something I found recently–a little snippet from a guy named Leroy and what he knows about the modern day workforce:

Dear Friend,

You might be attempting to put your different apparel together but you are never happy how they are matched? Then you will be glad to know what you are going to read below.

Here’s why:

I have just spent months putting the art of coordinating into this ebook with simple to follow steps and concepts. It will help you get everything into perspective and start matching easily the very NEXT DAY…

There are so many men wondering if their clothing were matched properly or how they can wear their different apparel correctly… How do I know? I have been receiving at least 4 to 5 emails a day requesting for my opinion and advice.

I personally enjoy mixing and matching of my ties with my dress shirts and suits. It gives me the chance to have freedom in self-expression of my styles or even mood for the day, i.e. whether a professional, flamboyant, or sporty image. This is what mens ties offers: your personal statement.

However, we have to take note of the importance of putting the appropriate type of neckties for the right occasion. Neckties are separated into various categories and styles that cater for different social occasion.

It would never be proper to wear a cartoon print tie during an important business meeting or during a job interview. So we have to strike a balance between the customary requirements and one’s self-expression.

Therefore, knowing the classic designs for mens ties would usually give any men the right style and elegance needed each time.

Owning good quality neckties involves knowing about the details that made them. It fundamentally provides the knowledge to get your money’s worth for a quality tie.

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