Suit Attire – Gotsta be COooOordinated..



What is up everyone?! FlyGuy here and I’m going to be dropping some style knowledge on you week by week regarding the use and wear of ties and the various accessories that the discerning gentlemen should be aware of today.

Whether it be for business, a night out, or your best friends goddamn wedding.  In this blog please feel free to post any questions and replies you wish, I’m here for you and will try to help in anyway possible regarding your tie and style dilemma.  Now I know some of you guys out there reading this are thinking to yourselves, “who the f*ck is this ahole telling me whats fly to wear or not?”  To tell you the truth I’m exactly that, just some asshole.  But since your actually searching the internet for tie advice and style tips it seems you need all the help you can get.   My dress style when I do happen to wear a suit, can probably be referred to as a bit gangster.  Now when I say “gangster” I do not by any stretch of the imagination mean these punks you see on the street.  What I mean by gangster, is something akin to Lucky Luciano, or Denzel in American Gangster, and for my fellow Asians out there something like how the O.G. Triads rock the suits.  With that being said let me depart this first bit of wisdom to you readers inquiring about tie’s and the various ways in which they are worn.

Stay coordinated.  That means that make sure your tie goes with what your wearing.  An example, every man should at the very least own one black suit.  Basic, simple and always in style.  So,what tie to wear with that black suit?  There are a plethora of choices for one to choose from.  Me, personally I would choose the white tie and match the suit with white and black wing tip shoes.  The black of the suit shows off the whiteness of the tie, while the black and white wing tip shoes matches perfectly with the black suit and the sharpness of the white tie.  Coordination its important in life and in style.


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