Is it the shoes? The shoes? Its gotta be the shoes…


Flyguy here again and today we are talking about footwear.  The shoes you choose complete your suit.  Shoes can match with anything on you; from your suit to tie or even belt.  Dress shoes are somewhat different from your average boots.  I know many of you guys out there do not own a pair of dress shoes and will just throw on a pair of boots with your suit.  That is definitely not fly.  Boots are made for work and for stompin.  They are not made to be worn with suits.  Shoes that may be categorized as dress shoes are made for suits.  I know its trendy now and many guys prefer the square toe look.  It seems to present a casual yet sophisticated look, personally I don’t like the square toe look.  I see too many douche bags wearing them and the look to me just makes you look like a douche bag.  I would recommend to go with a more classic look or for me the sharper the better.  When looking at high end shoes the price can definitely be a turn off.  The higher end shoes often running the gambit of 200$ to about 5000$ or more.  There are numerous sites however that offer some very nice looking dress shoes at easily affordable prices.  Brands are just brands, how you look in what you buy and wear is all on you.  If you have enough style you can make a 70$ pair of dress shoes look like their worth 4000$.  Remember to be confident in what you wear, true to the flyness in you and always stay coordinated.


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