When to Wear Overcoats


What’s up everyone Flyguy here again and today’s topic is the overcoat.  The overcoat comes in usually two flavors full length or 3/4 length.  The full length goes all the way down to about the middle of your calves or to the top of your calves.  The 3/4 length should go past your ass and stop around the bottoms of your cheeks.  Overcoats come in a variety of colors the most common ones are black, gray, and tan/khaki colored and leather.  Of course they also come in white, yellow, purple, green and whatever the hell color you want.  The overcoat is actually one of my favorite clothing article.  Unfortunately since I live in southern California the three different overcoats that I own usually end up sitting in my closet, as it rarely ever gets cold enough for me to wear them.

Something about the long overcoat to me exudes a sense of mystery and power plus it looks cool as fuck.  Overcoats have been worn since the 1800’s especially in colder countries in Europe of course the style has changed over the years.  Types of overcoats were even worn in the frontier days of America those types of overcoats were called Dusters.  The overcoat has come to represent something in the human psyche.  Gangsters in movies are depicted as concealing weapons underneath them especially movies reflecting the roaring 20’s.  The tommy gun is always under some gangsters coat.  The overcoat has become a trademark of certain television characters such as David Boreanaz’s vampire character angel.  Matter of fact I think all vampires wear an overcoat of some sort.

So in short the overcoat is definitely an a piece of clothing that a fashionable man should own, of course weather or not your going to be able to wear it is another matter.  I can’t imagine wearing a great coat in the Arizona summer.  As always stay coordinated and stay fly.


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