Quickly Get Rid of Tie Wrinkles


I’ve tried this many times and it’s worked EVERY single time. ¬†Especially when I’m in a rush to go on a job interview or have an important work meeting the next day. ¬†Surely a lifesaver for the business attire entrepreneur or individual!

How to Quickly Get Rid Of Tie Wrinkles

After untying your tie, especially when your tie is made of thick and heavy silk, you will probably notice that there are wrinkles that make it look very worn and used – even though you have only worn that tie for only a couple of hours.

However, there is something you can do to get rid of that problem overnight. Basically, all you do is to wrap the tie around your hand, then put it onto a table or into a drawer and let it rest for a while.

1) Hold the narrow end of your tie with your thumb as shown on the picture above, while letting the wide end hang down to the floor.

2) Wrap the wide end around your hand several times.

3) Take the wrapped-up tie and place it on a flat surface.

You will see that after only a few hours all of the wrinkles will be gone and your tie looks as fresh and new as if you had just purchased it at a store!

By the way, wrapping up your ties is also great while on travel to prevent the ties from being damaged in a tightly-packed suitcase.

Article Source: tie-a-tie.net


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