Rules for Socks and Suits


What’s up readers Flyguy here again and today is about socks.  I’m not talking about just socks in general but dress socks.  An often overlooked part of the wardrobe but in my opinion a very vital article of clothing.  I know some of you have seen guys out there in a suit and he crosses his legs or whatever and lo and behold the sonofabitch is wearing regular white socks.  Unless you are the late King of Pop that is a huge NO NO.  Some of you who are reading this might be those guys in the white tube socks, and I’m here to tell you is to stop being a cheap ass and go get some dress socks hell, the ones at your local target or wal-mart will do just fine.

Dress socks like ties come in a vast variety of colors.  Not only do they come in different colors but there are a plethora of patterns that dress socks come in as well just like ties.  Keep in mind that the nicer the material the socks are made of the better they feel.  Shit, I even wear my dress socks with my tennis shoes sometimes, just because they feel real nice.  The price of dress socks can run from anywhere between two dollars a pair to forty five a pair at say brooks brothers.  Then of course if you got the cash you can go to places like Saks, Barneys, Neiman Marcus and pick up some ridiculously priced cashmere dress socks, and let me tell you NOTHING beats cashmere on your feet.  There is nothing worse than wearing white crew or tube socks with a suit, especially when your sitting and cross your legs and you like your doing a Moonwalker impression.  Go get some dress socks guys, your feet and more importantly the ladies will appreciate it.  As always stay fly and stay coordinated.


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