The Tie Bar


FlyGuy here again, and today I am going to discuss the Tie Bar.  For those of you who do not know what a tie bar is, its that little strip of metal that you may see clipped across a tie.  Tie bars come in a myriad of forms.  Some contain diamonds, rubies, onyx, or any other form of precious stones.  Some are made from aluminum, titanium, gold, silver or any other precious metals.  Tie bars besides being something shiny on your person to attract attention, are used to clip the two tongues of your tie together and to more or less keep your tie from flying around.  Tie bars often will have a very thin piece of chain attached to them with a lemon shaped loop at the end.  Now I know some of you who have seen this lemon shaped loop probably thought to yourself, “What the f*ck is this thing supposed to do?”  Well that little lemon shaped loop actually goes around a shirt button, usually near the vicinity of where your placing the tie bar.  Tie bars nevertheless are an affectation something to catch the eye.  Tie bars along with cuff links really serve no purpose other than to display a sense of style.  As always try to be coordinated with what your wearing including your jewelry.  A silver and onyx tie bar goes very well with, silver and black cuff links, or a nice silver colored watch with a black face.  Tie bars can be worn higher or lower on the tie all depending on personal taste.

There are some sites and persons who say that in this modern age that you can wear a tie bar skewed up or down, I personally find this distasteful and hell it just looks sloppy to me.  Tie bars sometimes may be a bit much depending on what else you are wearing and your sense of style.  Someone like P.Diddy for example can pretty much pull off anything, where as maybe your average Joe might have a hard time pulling off a Canary yellow tie bar with, Canary yellow cuff links.  It should also be noted that Tie bars are usually not worn with vests.

With your outfit complete take a look in the mirror and try on the tie bar see how it goes.  Most importantly be honest with yourself.  Ask yourself, “Do I really look good or do I look like I’m trying to hard?”  Remember style is something that is subtle and flows naturally never forced.  Stay coordinated and be true to yourself and worst come to worst the opinion of a woman never hurts.


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