Wedding Attire Part 2: Ceremony and Reception


Whats up readers?  FlyGuy here again to present to you the second part of my multi-part blog on proper wedding attire.  This posts topic concerns everyone’s favorite neck accessory, Ties and the Ceremony and Reception.  Me personally I like to match my tie and pocket square ( that’s that little piece of cloth you stick in the front breast pocket of your suit jacket) to one of the wedding colors.  Yes, guys weddings are color coordinated, its not just some random cosmic event that makes all the seats, cloth, and napkins the same color or complimentary colors.  Ill usually ask the bride or the groom what their wedding colors are and if I don’t have a tie that’s coordinated with the wedding colors I’ll go and purchase one.  Of course this is just something I like to do.  It seems that in this modern day and age almost any type or color of tie is acceptable at weddings.  As long as its done with a bit of class I don’t really see anything really inappropriate.  The only exception might be a white tie, since sometimes the groom will be wearing a white tie as well, you really don’t want to clash with him at his own bloody wedding do you?  You know whats appropriate and not so use your own good judgment.

There are also usually two parts to a wedding; the ceremony and the reception.  You can very well wear the same thing to both that is all really up to your personal preference.  The ceremony is viewed by some to be the formal event so they will dress in more formal attire, while some view it as a more leisured event and will dress nice but not to the T.  It all really depends on the couple getting married and the general mood of the ceremony.  I’ve personally been to wedding ceremonies where it almost seemed that showing up in a T shirt and some jeans would have been just as appropriate as a suit.  For safeties sake go in a nice suit.

The reception sometimes maybe a black tie affair and that means tuxedos gentlemen, if it says black tie that means tuxedo, allow me to reiterate if it says black tie that means Tuxedo.  If not then well like the ceremony sometimes its a more casual and comfortable affair.  From my experience the reception is usually where the majority of the people show up and its a party, but that does not mean you show up in tennis shoes and a baseball jersey.  Remember guys there will more than likely be girls there, and these girls will be dressed nice and you don’t want to show up looking like some schmuck.  Personally at the reception is when I show out.  This is when I’ll put on the diamond cuff-link’s, the nice tie bar, the fancier watch, the nicer shoes and just go the whole nine.  Hey, it might be a party but there is no rule that says you cant look good when you party.

As usual remember to trust in yours own sense of style and if that fails ask a pretty girl.  Stay coordinated and stay fly.


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