Wedding Attire Part 3: Really, Your Gonna Wear That?


Whats up my dear readers?  Flyguy here again this is the third part of my multi part blog on wedding attire.  This post is about wedding no’s.  You’d think wedding no’s would be something everyone would realize, but evidently there are things that need to be pointed out.  The first thing is DO NOT wear a white suit.  Unless of course specifically requested by the wedding party or if its a white themed wedding.  The white will most definitely clash with the bride and sometimes the groom.  This should be avoided at all costs.  The second is the really loud colored suits.  I’m talking about the dumb and dumber orange and baby blue tux here people.  The neon green suit that your dad had back in the ’70’s should stay in the goddamn closet.  I know some of brothas out there like the Bernie Mac style gold or purple colored suits., yeah those are fly but think how much do you really want to stick out at a wedding?  Remember the wedding isn’t really about you, so you should do as little as possible to steal the thunder from the groom and especially the bride.  As always stay coordinated and Stay Fly.


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