Windsor Knot


Flyguy here once again and today’s topic is the Windsor knot.  The Windsor knot is distinguished by the large triangular shape and symmetry of the knot.  The Windsor knot being large in size helps to display the fabric and pattern of the tie you are wearing.  Windsor knots go exceptionally well with a vest or a buttoned jacket.  The Windsor knot is believed to be named after the Duke of Windsor who favored the large knot.  Of course it is also thought that the Duke of Windsor had his ties customized with a thicker fabric to enhance the type of knot he preferred.  Hey, when you got the cash tailored and customized is the way to go.  Either ways the knot is real fly.

Windsor knots are favored by politicians and other persons who are often in the public spotlight.  This particular style of knot should also be worn with a spread or cutaway collar.  The shirts with a larger collar area help to accommodate  the size of the knot.  Remember the Windsor knot is larger than the regular four in hand knot and may distract the eyes form certain parts of the wearer.  Some think that the Windsor knot is a old man style of knot, but the hell with that fly is fly no matter who or what is wearing it, and lets face it style is all about ones own preference and opinion.  The knot to me is a mark of style and flair, and is personally my preferred knot.  Whether you choose the tie the Windsor or not always remember to stay coordinated and stay fly readers.


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