Dumbbell Shoveling – Fat Blasting Exercises (Video)


Dumbbell Shoveling
This next move will firebomb fat and set your muscles on fire. “Dumbbell shoveling is a dynamic exercise the targets your fast-twitch muscle fibers,” says Gaddour. Fast-twitch fibers have been shown to require more energy to contract than slow-twitch fibers, consequently cranking up your body’s calorie furnace. They’re also the fibers that are the most important for building strength and power.

Plus, the scooping motion involves almost every single muscle in your body. Think about it: Your fingers and forearms contract to grip the weight, your core stabilizes to fight against the side-to-side movement, your shoulder muscles control the acceleration and deceleration of the dumbbell, and your glutes, calves, and quadriceps work as you lower down and up. With just one move, you’ll melt your middle and sculpt rock-solid muscle from head to toe.

Read more at Men’s Health: http://www.menshealth.com/fitness/fat-blasting-exercises#ixzz1qjJcX6Cu


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