Fashion’s Night Out 2010


Shop for Something Good. September 10, 2010 beginning at midnight!

From Brooklyn to Brazil to Boston, the fashion industry is already buzzing about the news that this year’s globe-spanning extravaganza Fashion’s Night Out, is back!

The 2010 edition of the biggest fashion party in history promises to be equally epic, splurge inspiring and full of even more stylish surprises. Start your wish lists now, we look forward to seeing you in September.

If you have not gone to last year’s FNO event, then you are truly missing out because it is a shopaholics paradise. As we get closer to the event, more and more information on what certain brands are doing for the night will trickle out and be confident that we will let you know which are best to visit. In the meantime and for more information go to

You can also catch a live webcast beginning at 7PM on CBS hosted by Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley and Hanneli Mustaparta. HERE


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