Necktie Colors and Your Personality


The color one chooses for his necktie is indicative of his personality. The philosophy of colors in clothing is quite interesting. It is quite evident that reserved personality types pick neckties in un-flashy colors and more sober shades. Bold men on the other hand tend to pick colors that stand out and are much more daring. Below is a short summary of the philosophy of colors, and how each affects personality:

Red ties are symbolic of dominance, passion and sensuality. THe red tie is often chosen by an outgoing personality type, and meant for bold and firm men who love to lead the world. Are you interested to make a distinctive fashion statement? The bright red silk tie will do the trick.

Pastel orange, peach, and pink ties
are indicative of coolness and calm. They are all fresh colors that are indicative of an optimistic and happy personality type.

The all time classic black tie represents power. The black necktie acts as a symbol of elegance, versatility and grace. It is not only for formal black tie attire but can be smoothly worn in all functions.

Are you the neat and clean personality type? Then the white tie is your best bet. The white silk tie indicates purity and simplicity. It is the perfect festive tie color for the summer and functions during the daytime.

Ties in blue indicate warmth and trust. It’s a fabulous shade that combines easily with almost all shirts and suits found in the male wardrobe and it matches well with almost all hair, skin and eye colors.

The yellow tie conveys an alert and sharp mind.

Burgundy neckties are indicative of spirituality. The rich dark red color is often chosen by passionate personality types.

The green tie reminds of nature and it is often choosen by adventurous personalities. In the spring lighter shades of the green tie remind of fresh green leaves. In the fall and winter forest green ties and ties in shades of olive green are more common.

The brown tie is meant for classy and informal styling. It conveys reliability, trust, and compassion.

The gray colored tie is indicative of the fact that you are a balanced person in life. It is an elegant shade that also is considered to be brainy.



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