The Scent of a Man


What’s up readers Flyguy here once again with this weeks topic.  Today’s topic is cologne and manly scents.  We all know there are tons of different colognes, deodorants and god knows what else for men to smell like.  Not every scent is for for every man.  The cologne you choose can say a lot about you and with the myriad of selections out there the choice you make can be rather difficult.  Personal preference of smell matters a lot when choosing a scent to compliment you.  You could like cedar or pine, “woodsy” smells or maybe lean towards the more citrus like smells.  Some guys like their cologne to be strong others like it to just hint at the smell.  The choice is really up to you, or maybe really up to the ladies.  Area of spray is also important.  From what I remember being taught by my father the spray areas are wrists and neck along your carotid arteries (that is the left and right of your Adams apple).  Of course, there is also the spray and walk or glide through method.  I also know of guys who spray the cologne directly on their clothes of course this can also lead to the scent lingering on past its usefulness.  There are also the guys out there who spray too much goddamn cologne.  You know who you are.  It’s like you fuckers bath in it or something.  Keep it how its supposed to be and try not to use it as a masking agent.  One more thing, I also know of and heard of guys who spray it on their nether regions.  Really? That’s just nasty.  Keep it above the belt guys.

Deodorant is another important factor when concerning male scent.  There are obviously a multitude of choices out there.  When choosing deodorant remember to be truthful to the lifestyle you lead.  If you lead a very active lifestyle you might choose a sport or stronger deodorant/antiperspirant.  Especially, if you sweat a lot guys, you definitely want to get the right deodorant/antiperspirant.

These days I rarely wear cologne.  It’s not because I don’t like it, its because I really no longer find it necessary.  There are about four bottles of cologne currently gathering dust on my dresser.  To me the application of cologne seems somewhat juvenile nowadays.  Cologne is really not going to make or break if the pretty girl your talking to goes home with you or not.  Honestly when I go out I end up smelling like cigarettes and Scotch anyway and no cologne is stronger enough to over power the smell of cigarettes and liquor.  Think of cologne as something to compliment yourself with.  In the end men should smell like men, remember to stay true to yourself and as always Stay Fly.


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