Suit Colors for Spring 2011


Hot off the press by one of Los Angeles’ #1 tailors, Art Lewin:

“Men Suit Colors for the spring season. Light grey, Steel Blue, Chocolate, and YES Navy (most flattering on any skin tone) For women.. grey with bold stripes, earth tones, greys.. blouses all accross the board, peaches, lavender, pinks, sky blues…”


  1. women are using scarf for fashion but there are some unique types of women who have special idea for doing different style. some of the women are using scarf in very rare and different style by using their own technique and you guys are one of them. this scarf style are so impressive.

  2. These articles are pretty famous among young generation these days and I really like to know about them. These new spring collections are pretty fascinating and I am glad to know about it.


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