How to Pick Synchronized Watches


What’s up everyone Flyguy here again and today’s topic is about my favorite time telling accessory, the watch.  Watches are a timeless accessory to any well dress gentlemen, whether they be at the office, having a night out on the town with the boys or having dinner with a pretty lady.  Watches come in all different shapes and sizes and just like clothing not every guy can wear the same type of ensemble.  Watches are no different a watch that looks good on your friend might not look good on you.

There are a myriad of individual tastes when it comes to selecting a watch or watches, some guys like to rock the good ol’ digital Casio’s and some guys like to go super expensive with a Patek Philippe.  When looking for a watch, you have to consider your physical attributes.  As in how wide your wrists are how physically tall and large you are or not.  Let’s be real, if your 5’2 and have some huge giant face watch your going to look ridiculous, and if your 6’8 with some tiny small face watch your gonna look like you accidentally grabbed your girls watch.  Pick a watch that fits you and when in doubt ask a pretty girl that’s nearby.  One also has to remember that certain watches may be better suited for certain occasions.  Your not going to wear your Rolex camping are you?  You wouldn’t wear a 5.11 tactical watch when your dressed to the nines for a hot date right?  It is probably a good idea if your a watch lover like me to own a few different ones for the different activities you engage in.

Watches are my absolute favorite accessory, in a sense watches are the male equivalent to a woman’s purse.  We will spend large amounts of money for a time piece just like a woman will for a purse.  So when choosing the right watch or watches for you, there are a few things to consider.  Of course you could ignore all of the above and just buy some bullshit watch, but hey I guess you aren’t trying to look your flyest.  As always stay coordinated and stay true to your inner fly readers.


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