Tie Colors for Spring 2012


mens-ties-spring-2012 Looking to pick up some new ties so you can look fly and stylish for Spring? We’ve been doing some research around the fashion districts and Rodeo Dr. and the results of our consensus: Pastel tones in light blue, rose, peach, coral, and pink are the popular choices from designers. There are a few designers also adding some purple into the mix.


  1. These are some pretty looking design of ties that you are talking about in this post and I was wondering to get one of them. Tie is the one thing that it supposed to give the whole grace to the dressing.

  2. I wear ties because I enjoy the look of elegance they bring, just as I enjoy seeing women in dresses and heels. While I wear T-Shirts and jeans when bumming around, I frankly would much prefer that we — modern society that is — dressed more formally and that men wearing ties were the norm rather than the oddity now. Its a shame, in my opinion, how sloppy and casual we have gotten.


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