Shemaghs | Trendy and yet, Tactical.


What’s up readers, sorry for the long delay between posts.  I’ve been having computer problems lately and well my computers are nothing short of disasters, or what we refer to in the gun world as catastrophic weapon failure.  Alas, this isn’t a site where I bitch about my computer problems is it?  It’s a site about fashion.  So today’s topic is the Shemagh pronounced sha-mah.  Some of you reading this probably have no idea what a shemagh is.  Well a shemagh is that patterned and colored scarf that you see middle easterners wear and increasingly the fashionable gentleman.  The shemagh’s purpose was to protect people’s eyes and mouths from sand and dust being blown in them, as well as exposure from the sun.  Lately you might see images of our troops on the news or in video games wearing them.  It seems that the original purpose of the shemagh still holds true in the Middle East.

The shemagh became fashionable here in the West around the 1980’s.  Through the years the popular has increased incrementally.  Lately I seem to see them more and more, hell I own a couple my self though I don’t wear them for fashion.  The shemagh seems to have become a very popular fashion accessory.  It seems to me that with our exposure to the cultures of the middle east and their fashions due to recent events the shemagh is one piece of fashionable cultural exchange I’m glad for.  The wide array of colors that the scarfs come in seem to appeal greatly to people, and shit I think it looks pretty cool.  Of course I have the usually reservations against some people that wear them.  No I don’t mean arab’s or middle easterners at all I mean the all pervasive Douchebag.  I know you’ve seen it as well, that one dude wearing the shemagh and for some reason you just think man that guy looks like a douche and that scarf somehow someway enhances his douchieness.  Yes, that is the technical term for it.  Like all types of fashion the shemagh is not for everyone.

Anyways, shemaghs are lately a very fashionable and trendy piece of clothing that sell for very cheap.  Ten dollars at your local military surplus store nabs you one, and since they come in a myriad of colors your bound to find one or maybe four that suit your needs.  As always readers stay fly and stay coordinated.


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