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Crossover Ties and Colonel Ties

I couldn't help myself when I came across this photo!  Damn these girls are fine!  Yes, ladies we aren't sexist...  There are ties for...

Madmen Season 4 Begins!

Since last night was the premiere for Madmen Season 4, I thought it would be fitting to write up a bit about the Ad...

Ermenegildo Zegna relaunches for Fall/Winter 2010

Ermenegildo Zegna relaunches there website for Fall/Winter 2010!  Check out the tie wear collection they have up online.

The Tie Bar

FlyGuy here again, and today I am going to discuss the Tie Bar.  For those of you who do not know what a tie...

Suit Attire – Gotsta be COooOordinated..

What is up everyone?! FlyGuy here and I'm going to be dropping some style knowledge on you week by week regarding the use and...

The President’s Tie Styles

Stumbled upon this chart and thought you might be interested in what the President has to wear! President Barack Obama mostly kept it to red,...

Quickly Get Rid of Tie Wrinkles

I've tried this many times and it's worked EVERY single time.  Especially when I'm in a rush to go on a job interview or...


Dress for Success!

The Scent of a Man