Peter Luger Steakhouse (Dining Brooklyn, NY)


If some of you were on twitter, you know we paid the Big Apple a visit recently. Peter Luger Steakhouse lived up to it’s legend in our taste buds opinion. Start with the bacon and eat your meat medium rare as it’s supposed to be eaten!

This legendary steakhouse has been around since 1887. Their famous porterhouse steaks are hand selected by family members on a daily basis and aged to perfection before it is served to customers. I have to agree, it’s one of the best porterhouse steaks I’ve ever had. We went with the french fried potatoes and creamed spinach. You won’t go wrong with the creamed spinach! And remember, they are CASH ONLY so make sure you hit the ATM before you make your reservations or head on in and get scowled by the waiters when the check comes.

For more information visit their website:


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