Top 5 Must See Things in Japan

Top 5 Things to do in Japan

We spent two weeks traveling across Japan in the Fall of 2017 and came up with our top 5 must see things in Japan.  This list is based on our personal experience, and we had a super packed itinerary that allowed us to see lots of things in Japan!  So if your looking for ideas or things to do in Japan, take a look at our list below:

5. Tokyo Disneyland

Disney fans or not, this is definitely worth a visit to!  We came here on a last minute whim to finish of our first trip to Japan, and just being able to see an exact replica of Disneyland–was awe inspiring at most.  To top it all off, you also get to see and hear everything from cast members to animatronics in Japanese!  We suggest booking a hotel in the Odaibo area in Tokyo and taking a quick 15 minute train ride to the resort.

4. Osaka Castle

Osaka CastleOne of Japan’s most famous landmarks built in the 14th century.  Fairly easy to get to and the view atop the castle is probably one of the best views of the entire Osaka region!  It does get crowded, especially when you are trying to make your way up the many stairs inside the castle floor.  There’s also a rooftop tea garden and bar in a building just outside of the castle courtyard.  Go up there and grab a highball, taking in the beautiful view of the landscape!

3. Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum

Momofuku Ando Ramen MuseumWe’ve all eaten cup o’noodles one way or another, and I’m sure your all just as curious as we were as to how that cup of noodles came to be!  Well, when your in the Osaka region, make sure you do not skip out on this tour!  It was a very fun and entertaining museum to visit, and on top of that; you get to customize your own cup o’noodle to take to-go.  Come and get yourself educated on the history of this modern marvel, to see how Mr. Ando solved a problem of world hunger!

2. Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine

When you think of Japan and shrines, you’ll find those orange and black temple archways that Japan is famous for.  In case you were wondering, that place is Fushimi Inari shrine located in Kyoto, Japan!  We decided to stop by and view it in all of it’s glory in person, and definitely was not disappointed.  It was pretty chaotic when we arrived, as it started to heavily rain for the first time on our trip, but we decided to power through with it anyways.  Hiking up the mountain was very daunting but well worth it!  Make sure you make the entire trek all the way up to the very top of the summit, because the breathtaking view up top is well worth every step…  All 13,000+ steps!

1. Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant TokyoSomething about getting drunk in the heart of Tokyo and going to see a show with neon lights, loud chanting neon warriors, and mecha-robos is to die for!  This was probably the highlight of our trip, because the show was miraculously hyped and lived up to the hype!  We opt to get the drink and show package.  I wouldn’t recommended dining, because the show is so entertaining in value, that you do not want to be looking at your plate of food or you’ll miss out on the epic storytelling and fantastic show!  Buy tickets online so you can skip having to wait for the ticket line, which can get pretty intense from observations.


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