Wine and Dine 101 (Tips)


We’re sure many of you have drank or tasted wine, either at the office party or just sitting around at a friend’s house and popping a bottle. But how many of you actually know the etiquette or proper way to taste and drink wine? We’re not claiming we’re wine masters or a wine sommelier (wine steward), but we at least know the basics and will explain a few tips for you.

When you open a wine bottle, there are two things to look for on the cork:

1.) If there are any mold or fungus on the cork. We do this to ensure that the wine is not too old or allowed too much air into the bottle for it to go bad.

2.) Check to see if the cork is too dry. If the cork is dried, that means the wine was not properly stored and can destroy the taste of it.

Now you know why the server usually puts the cork on the table for you at restaurants!

Wine should be served in a wine cup made of glass. The variation in shapes and sizes is actually designed for the types of wines.
– Large round glasses are usually for red wines, so you can swirl it around the cup and allow air to seep in.
– The U shaped glasses are for white wines because it helps keep air out and the glass cooler, which is best for whites.

Simple rule of thumb is red goes with meat, while whites go with seafood. But that doesn’t mean you can’t break certain rules, such as pairing reds with black pepper fish or whites with caramelized meats!

Hopefully, you’ve learned something new today and on your way to becoming a wine connoisseur!


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